Verlin and Sonya Siefkes have been entertaining people for many years. Several years ago, they realized a pumpkin patch and corn maze would be a great treat for their family and others. It started out unofficially in 2007. Their family invited other families (many, many other families), and before they knew it, it became a time-honored tradition. 2013 marks the inaugural year of Verlin and Sonya planting this many pumpkins.

Sonya would also like you to know that she sowed every individual pumpkin seed herself – on six acres!

If you live in Newton, Wichita, Bel Aire, Park City, Derby, Goddard, Maize or Andover, we hope you will take a couple hours and come visit our pumpkin patch and corn maze. It’s the most family-oriented fun you are likely to have, and significantly more like visiting friends and experiencing the best of what Kansas has to offer…as opposed to an amusement park that offers pumpkins.

Come visit Down in the Hollar today – it may be the most fun you’ve had in a long time!